981…Waiting in anticipation – Running Report page 19

Gutley – Posted August 15, 2018

Suggest you leave the roof permanently up to avoid the eventual creasing.

Bluepork03 – Posted August 15, 2018

Great result, well done!

rowbos – Posted August 15, 2018

Great outcome and your car looks brill ?

Darkstar – Posted August 15, 2018

Very nice car mate.

Hope to see it soon at one of the meets.

Menoporsche – Posted August 15, 2018

Wow. Congrats Stuart and well done for sticking to your guns!

Pinewood – Posted August 15, 2018

Nice car mate, where is the really nice white one? ?

Patt – Posted August 15, 2018

Glad to hear a satisfactory outcome has been found.

EXY – Posted August 15, 2018

Raspberry Beret ?

fat haggis – Posted August 15, 2018

Looks great mate. ?

Simon. – Posted August 15, 2018

Happy days that it’s finally sorted but you shouldn’t have to fight that hard & that long for the outcome.

Andy Mac – Posted August 15, 2018

Great skills and perseverance ?

Araf – Posted August 15, 2018

Glad it’s all done now. I just can’t believe that you didn’t notice a skewed roof in 5 years.

May I suggest these cheap but perfectly looking vegetables?.

Menoporsche – Posted August 15, 2018

I don’t think they would be so good to keep the rain out.

Topbox – Posted August 15, 2018

Well done Stuart, very well negotiated, I would not have had the skills or patience !

Stuart21UK – Posted August 15, 2018

On 8/15/2018 at 8:48 AM, Pinewood said:
Nice car mate, where is the really nice white one? ?

the white 2 litre PDK one has gone to its next lucky borrower….I have a video of it when I’d come back from a spirited run….the fans were blowing out of the side vents like I have never heard before….a similar run in the 981 the other day and it was as quiet as a mouse in comparrison

I do not miss the White one….

On 8/15/2018 at 10:11 PM, Araf said:
Glad it’s all done now. I just can’t believe that you didn’t notice a skewed roof in 5 years.

May I suggest these cheap but perfectly looking vegetables?

wonky veg

its all I knew as a kid what with Dad’s allotment….many a happy afternoon I spent on that allotment burning things (and getting burnt!)

Stuart21UK – Posted August 15, 2018

…anyway all is not quite resolved, the OPC ‘refreshed’ my drivers side window/wing mirror switches as the passenger wing mirror switch was sticking. I just got in from work and testing it on the way home it is still sticking!

plus worse than that the part of the roof that covers the roof clip (the dome thing) is flapping in the breeze…I spent the best part of 20 miles on the way out trying to figure where a knocking noise was coming from before seeing it attached at the rear but not at the sides at all..

WIll post pic once have daylight but does anyone know how they fix to the roof?

Stuart21UK – Posted August 20, 2018

so here is the roof latch cover, as it was and once I’d push fit it back…

Stuart21UK – Posted August 20, 2018

also I used the car on Saturday and on getting out of the car I noticed the drivers door window is back in the position it was before teh roof was replaced!!!!

I have reported all issues back to OPC and await a response (I hoped for that today as I called them at 10:30am and emailed too, but haven’t got a call or email back as yet)

The window as it was from delivery on the 13th up until the 18th

The window as it was from Saturday morning (18th)


PaulQ – Posted August 21, 2018

Looks like what ever caused the issue originally (possibly loose clamps on the window regulator) hasn’t been addressed.

Stuart21UK – Posted August 23, 2018

..so it was Monday the 20th @ 10:09 am that I emailed two people that had been dealing with the roof issues at Silverstone OPC and I also called and spoke to one of them immediately afterwards. He said he would refer to the senior of the two of them and one or other would come back to me….

Do you think I’ve had email or call?

Have I heck as like…

email just sent prodding them and saying I would expect to hear back in 24/48 hours (at least to some extend) and its now 4 full working days and nothing…

The warranty (which didnt pay out) is due to expire the 18th Sep 2018, I will be going back to Porsche GB and making an Ombudsman claim in regard to the Porsche warranty before then if necessary…

Bets in whether I will hear anything tomorrow?

Patt – Posted August 24, 2018

If you haven’t escalated to Reading via the Porsche website….your phone will remain silent.

Stuart21UK – Posted August 24, 2018

On 8/24/2018 at 9:50 AM, Patt said:
If you haven’t escalated to Reading via the Porsche website….your phone will remain silent.

had contact with them originally, they were the ones who pushes the OPC to cover the lion’s share of cost (I think as they didnt pursue the warranty claim completely correctly). I beleive that Porsche GB’s contribution was the parts, OPC’s the labour etc, but could be wrong.

Anyway I’ve been to sunny Brighton with the girls today, came back and no email reply or phone call either (and ALL numbers eventually find their way to my mobile which has voicemail so I know they have attempted contact).

Tuesday I’ll escalate to Porsche Reading and possibly also instigate a call teh FOS in relation to a complaint about the warranty too (think I have to get my foot in the door prior to its expiry)

Stuart21UK – Posted August 29, 2018

I spoke to the FInancial Ombudsman yesterday…I now have a case opened and they are going to contact Porsche GB with reference to complaint/claim against Porsche Warranty…

Still no contact from Porsche OPC Silverstone…

Stuart21UK – Posted September 5, 2018


Car mot done and passed with advisories for worn rear tyres (after a discussion about 1.6mm being the limit and not under the limit and a fail!).

Two new Goodyear’s on order and due to be fitted to the rear on Friday am at circa £201 per tyre inclusive

UPDATE on roof

nada….had letter from the FOS but heard nothing form Porsche GB or Silverstone OPC at all

Stuart21UK – Posted October 20, 2018

UPDATE on roof

Financial Ombudsman called yesterday to say a month on from my last contact with him, that Porsche are passing him pillar ot post as far as who he should be dealing with!

So their inability to communicate extends to dealing with the representative who can impose a ruling on them to compensate the consumer and potentially make a recommendation to the FCA/PRA to remove their financial services licence too..(which is unlikely but hey if you are unable to extend your warranty in future, dont blame me, blame them)

Dashcam re-install

I re-installed the Mobius dashcam to the 981, this time I routed all the cables as follows:

The following is Pic heavy but hopefully helps someone in the future

Camera mounted to left of rear view mirror

cable run in gap between windscreen and surround at top of windscreen

plastic cover and two bolts removed for vanity/sun screen, cable routed behind within cavity into A pillar

cable taken underneath A pillar plastic surround at top then within the door rubber to the bottom of the glove compartment

sunscreen refitted two bolts and plastic cover

taken across…only 1 inch of cable is apparent in total and it is in this area and the cable is just about where the shade line is to the left of the bottom of the glove compartment, on the left.

…and fed underneath glove compartment, hidden behind carpet in passenger footwell and plugged in to USB charger in footwell

finished view from the outside

the camera is visible to anyone who looks, moreso because as you can see in the last picture, the surround to the lens has turned from black to gold with the heat of the sun..