Fuel economy comparison normal to super unleaded petrol 2014

So this page shows the comparison when I used normal Unleaded petrol and Super Plus Unleaded, the aim being to see if the extra cost of the higher octane unleaded fuel really did give any better fuel economy…


There were two occasions when I was unable to fill up with Super Plus Unleaded, of course I had to have fuel so I filled up with Normal octane fuel instead. This of course may have skewed the mpg figures marginally but more of a concern was the price average it would have reduced.

The two images above show slightly different data.

As a result the image on the right is the mildly amended sheet which shows the expected cost of Super Plus Unleaded so that the table for this showed a corrected cost (i.e. had I paid for the cost of the Super instead of the Normal).

Here you will find links to download the pdf and excel sheets

Standard mpg sheet pdf

Amended mpg sheet pdf

excel sheet showing both versions