Doorcard Rattle

13th November 2019

I have had a rattle coming from my passenger door for a little while, its not noticeable on normal roads but when driving especially rough, or bumpy roads, it can be heard occasionally.

As a result Steve (@Ringer250 on and I decided to partly take apart the door, removing the outer door card to see if anything was loose within.

Start by prising of the end cap of the door panel. The picture shows the type of pry kit that Steve has and used to do this.

The following two pictures show the end cap being removed.

Next very carefully remove the small plastic triangle near the wing mirror.

To do so we used the pry to initially loosen it, then carefully jiggled to the right and left, not directly up as it is retained by a J Key which could snap

You’ll notice that it stays connected to the outer door card via a plastic strip.

Remove the end cap nearest the hinge (also part of the facing edge of the door card itself).

go on to prise off the black plastic cover behind the door pull

this exposes two Torx 25 screws that need to be removed, these are shown in the next two pictures

a third is behind the door pull

remove the electrical connector by pushing the lever down and pulling away

then undo the last of the four Torx screws in the end of the door card

now pull up on the door card but be careful as it will still be connected by a cable connecting the inner door card and the door pull

This picture shows the cable still connected.

Whilst supporting the door card you need someone else to pry out the connecting cable to release the outer from inner door cards completely.

Here you can see the inner door card. This would need to be removed to access window parts etc…also at the top you can see the airbag system –

to the left the airbag and to the right the explosive charge….

do not touch either!

Here is the inner side of the outer door card.

Within this (on the other side) is the door pull, the side glove box and the windows switches.

These pictures show rubber bits that cushion where the outer door card latches back onto the inner door card. We thought that one of these had been lost so made one up with velcro tape, later we found the original on the driveway so it must have fallen off when removing the door card. We replaced it and removed the velcro makeshift one.

Its possible, of course, that the original rubber part had been lose in between the door cards and as a result the rattle was the two door cards (inner and outer) rattling against each other…

Put together all parts in the reverse order

This part was found after we’d put everything back together, its not obvious where it fits and we couldn’t see any broken parts inside.

In the best tradition of car repair we noted its part number and it now sits in my office draw!

The car has been driven extensively over the following two weeks and there are no rattles present, with all componemnts working normally.

EDIT Steve searched the part number –

The part we found afterwards was in fact part of the centre console trim on the left hand side, apparently to stop rattles, it was a U shaped piece originally!

Like I said no rattles are present as it is…

reward your mate with tea and biscuits 🙂