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Stuart21UK – Posted May 23, 2015

Mobius installation (posted hoping it helps others)




I installed the Mobius behind the rear view mirror in the end…

I managed to take the USB lead around the mirror mount, tucked up between the top of the windscreen and windscreen surround (put sum black insulating tape over the gap so it couldn’t fall down, the tape is not visible at all)

Then around the corner of the screen and A pillar…I had to use some of the cable clips to hold it in place as I thought they looked slightly better than insulating tape.

From the corner the cable tucks behind the rubber door seal all the way down and then out parallel with the bottom of the glove box…it shows for about an inch across to the underside of the glove box.

I initially thought about taking it through the glove box but in the end took it underneath and just tucked it right into the foot well and over the edge of the carpet at the sides and back.

From there it pops out and into the USB charger plugged into the hidden power socket in the foot well.

The USB cable is 3 metres in length just gets from the mirror to the power socket in the right hand side of the passenger foot well with a little slack to spare.

Someone mentioned that the 981 has a switched power socket…the manual says different and I tried both the one in the glove box and the one in the foot well…both stay live BUT after cut out after 30 minutes…effectively the camera works on ignition, when the ignition is switched off and key removed (and car locked) it continues to record until the car auto cuts out the power to the socket 30 minutes later.

981 Manual

I think I will test it for a week or so, potentially replacing the suction mount with the slightly smaller sticky mount in due course (then it will be less visible if you look in the car as it won’t hang down quite as much). It’s not VERY visible as it is, I would just prefer it less so.

Footage and impressions

The small clip I uploaded doesnt do it justice…Youtube has pixelated it and made it not as clear as it is out of the camera…what you can tell from the clip is how good the sound is..you can tell from pull away I had the roof up, I open it and you can clearly hear the wind noise a bit more..but you can also hear a bird chirp as I pass it too, above the sound of the wind and the stereo!

inexcusable exhaust blip!

I have to say I am giving consideration to selling the GoPro..I could have several of these plastered with different views on the car for the same money as a GoPro! Guess the loss would be the water proof aspects though…

Anyway thanks for the original poster of these…cracking bit of kit and all parts can be configured easily and to some extent replaced too.

spyderman8 – Posted May 24, 2015

IMHO GoPros are a right rip-off – trading on the name.

Stuart21UK – Posted June 14, 2015

Saturday I attended a Boxster ‘Service’ clinic which is basically a brief health check…apparently I have low rear tyres (but legal), fronts are fine, no uneven wear and the discs look fine, the pads have 7 mm on them (having started at 12 mm 17,5000 miles ago) and are good down to 3mm…the pad and disc wear seem a lot less than the 987 was. I managed about 15,000 miles on a set of pads and 20k or so on the discs on that. It seems with the pads on the 981 I may get 30,000 miles :)

Anyway I also got to go out in a 991 Carrera 4 GTS with PDK for a 20 minute mix of A roads and dual carriageway whilst they had my car on the car lift too.

I’m still not a fan of PDK, the ‘4’ seems much less agile than the 981 and whilst it may have more power, that PDK gearbox just doesn’t seem to allow you to fully use the gears (sure you can override but whats the point), it either changed up too quickly or held on too long. In Sport mode it wanted to hold the gear until the redline and Sport Plus was even worse. Not for me, give me a manual everyday.

Also I can honestly say that I feel my car is more of a drivers car, perhaps a manual Carrera 2 would have felt different but the 4 GTS felt heavier and less agile.

It’s certainly likely to be more sure footed in the damp stuff but I doubt I get within 70% of the ability of my car so it’s unlikely in the real world it would give any gain to someone like me.

The C4 GTS was around £100k by my estimates, my 981 S (ordered now) would probably be around £62k a veritable bargain compared!

There was also this little beauty in the showroom

I also got this in a ‘booty bag’, seems to be a weird holder to put your phone in when you charge it, whilst hanging it (the device) from the wall charging socket?!

antjrice – Posted June 14, 2015

Interesting perspective on the PDK – thanks for sharing.

Should’ve tried to sneak out in that 996 GT2 in the car park 😀

Congrats on the phone holder?!?!? Must’ve been weekend staff in the Marketing department when the manufacturer of that thing walked in the building.

RCS – Posted June 14, 2015

Interesting on the pdk. Ours doesn’t change on the redline in Sport, well may do if you were really pressing on, but it seems to give the right sportiness to the box for us. I agree on Sport plus – really for track use I’d say as it is red line only (and 7th is no longer selected). Once tried it out on a run and in Sport Plus mode went through a small village at 30 mph in 2nd, accelerated up to the 60 mph ( :whistle1:​ ) once through and it was still in 2nd, lord knows what speed you’d be doing to see 3rd, never mind 6th :lmaosmiley: . Nice engine noise though :thumbsup_still:

Stuart21UK – Posted July 19, 2015

I already have the full front set of Zunsport grills for the 981 but never really liked to empty space left at the rear. Ringer250 kindly offered his redundant set to me at a knock-down price so I snapped them up and below is the before/after comparison 🙂



Half done


Ringer250 – Posted July 19, 2015

Looks good Stuart.

Stuart21UK – Posted July 19, 2015


Duffy3074 – Posted July 20, 2015

Looking brilliant!

GTB981 – Posted July 22, 2015

I`ve just bought the set for sale on the forum and can`t wait to fit them, look great!

Stuart21UK – Posted July 22, 2015

the fronts are excellent and well needed IMO…the rears more of a ‘finish’...

GTB981 – Posted July 24, 2015

I fitted the fronts last night and what an improvement ! Very aesthetically pleasing. As my car is the same colour as Stuarts see pics above in this thread. Will fit rears when it stops raining !

Duffy3074 – Posted July 24, 2015

The red roof/interior and the silver are just a great combination.

Very jealous


Stuart21UK – Posted July 24, 2015

I certainly dont regret the combination and I was never a silver lover tbh

Stuart21UK – Posted October 1, 2015

Today I had the Pirellis replaced (as the rears were almost like slicks!) with Goodyear Eagle F1 n0’s

235 35 20 front and

265 35 20 rears

total cost £768 which is the least I have ever paid for tyres on either Boxster 🙂

For reference the Pirellis P Zeros would have been about £100 more overall

I have now done just shy of 20000 miles although in that time I have actually not had the Pirellis on the the car all the time…the winter set of wheels has probably been on for 8 months in the 2 years and probably account for at least 6000 to 7000 miles…

This means I have got, I guess, 12000 to 14000 miles out of the Pirellis which is not particularly good but reflects what I got out of Michelin Pilot Sports on the 987 (must be my driving style 😉 ). The Pirellis on the front were not quite ready for changing and I did consider bringing them home as spares (or offering them free on the forum) but there was probably less than 4mm left so I didn’t in the end…

poor iPhone pic

SFO – Posted October 1, 2015

The F1s are good tyres, quiet too

had them on my 19″ wheeled 981S Boxster

RBD914 – Posted October 1, 2015

16,000 miles on my Pirellis and down to 3mm now so time for a change!

richardy – Posted October 4, 2015

I’m on 27k on my potenzas. Rears are now 3mm’s and fronts about 4ish. Mind you I drive like a geriatric pensioner.

ps. I am a geriatric pensioner.

Simo_UK – Posted October 10, 2015

On 10/4/2015 at 3:33 PM, richardy said:
I’m on 27k on my potenzas. Rears are now 3mm’s and fronts about 4ish. Mind you I drive like a geriatric pensioner.

ps. I am a geriatric pensioner.

How did you get on with the Bridgestones Richard? Liking the fact they’re at 27k! Any good?

Stuart21UK – Posted October 10, 2015

Brace of Porsches

spyderman8 – Posted October 10, 2015

You’re not going to make me change your wheels again tomorrow morning are you?

Stuart21UK – Posted October 11, 2015

Chris..funnily enough Mrs BN asked who was going tomorrow and referred to ‘the one that helped change the wheels’…not sure if I also managed to get someone else to finish washing the car one time too (was that you too?)….

It needs washing and I didn’t have it in me today so will come dirty…figure that’s why you suggested The Flying Fox, eh 😉

spyderman8 – Posted October 11, 2015

Yes and your daughter helped.

Stuart21UK – Posted October 11, 2015


Gutley – Posted October 11, 2015

On 10/11/2015 at 7:51 AM, boxsternoob56 said:

Probably so excited about today’s meet. ?