981…Waiting in anticipation – Running Report page 4

Paul O – Posted September 23, 2013
Edit : doh I’m a week behind. Car looks awesome!! :rocks:

Re gap, I bought it from Porsche when my car lived outside – figured more chance of it getting robbed. Since found out gap is much cheaper elsewhere. Wouldn’t bother with it if it lives inside personally.

Re paint guard. My sister had that on her new vauxhall many moons ago and it was a right pile of shyatee. Waste of money.

Personally I’d go for someone like Spearsy and see what he can do, ask for his recommendations.

Stuart21UK – Posted September 26, 2013

5 yr GAP purchased with £50k limit on a Replacement Vehicle basis for £459 yesterday….

4 yr would only have been £295 via same company (with same limits) but I figured it was worth the extra year…plus the OPC one was only a 3 year policy offered at a starting price of £1018, dropped to £550 by finance guy when I told him I could buy at circa £300 online.

I don’t normally go for the add on insurance when buying electrical goods etc and in the past have declined Gap on cheaper family vehicles but I figure the loss is much greater on the 981 so it’s more worth it.

Anyway it was a painless purchase, could have got much cheaper on a shorter policy, with lower limits…anyone wants a link PM me.

Next on the ‘to do’ list – G Technic protection detail and we’ll be done…

spyderman8 – Posted September 26, 2013
IMHO its a bloody disgrace that you should have to buy GAP insurance at all. Insurance on your insurance. Bloody thieves!

Disgruntled of Leighton Buzzard

Stuart21UK – Posted September 26, 2013
Fair point but on the balance of ‘loss to cost’, worth it IMO…

plus if someone nicks my car in the4/5th year (or it’s written off ‘cos some numpty crashes it :whistle1: ) and it’s only worth £15k…I’ll get a brand new one, taking into account any increased cost to buy, at similar spec!!!

Stuart21UK – Posted September 29, 2013
I went to move the car from one part of the driveway to another, 2 metres away…I got carried away! :thumbsup_anim:

We are now up to around 700 miles (had it 2 weeks with no particularly long journeys)..it is simply awesome…average mpg for the 700 miles is circa 21mpg…I have been known to drive a 26 miles round trip just because the wife needs some grapes for my daughters’ school packed lunch.. :whistle:


Menoporsche – Posted September 29, 2013
Serious question; no “careful running in period” on these then?

Stuart21UK – Posted September 30, 2013
I read the manual online before delivery and it says drive under 4000 rpm or something for the first 2000miles….I asked one of the guys at the OPC and he told me that they were run in at the factory and just not to red-line it….seems the opinon on Planet 9 is about a 50/50 split on about whether to follow the manual or not.

here you go


Break in hints for the first 2,000 miles (3,000 kilometers)
The following tips will be helpful in obtaining optimum performance from your new Porsche.

Despite the most modern, high-precision manufacturing methods, the moving parts must still wear in with each other. This wearing-in occurs mainly in the first 2,000 miles (3,000 km).


Preferably take longer trips.
Avoid frequent cold starts with short-distance driving whenever possible.
Avoid full throttle starts and abrupt stops.
Do not exceed maximum engine speed of 4,200 rpm (revolutions per minute).
Do not run a cold engine at high rpm either in Neutral or in gear.
Do not let the engine labor, especially when driving uphill. Shift to the next lower gear in time (use the most favorable rpm range).
Never lug the engine in high gear at low speeds. This rule applies at all times, not just during the break-in period.
Do not participate in motor racing events, sports driving schools, etc. during the first 2,000 miles (3,000 kilometers).
There may be a slight stiffness in the steering, gear-shifting or other controls during the break-in period which will gradually disappear.

maybe I should slow down some..

temporarychicken – Posted October 1, 2013
My 981 is now on 1950 miles. Keeping below 4200 is not how I did it. Instead I steadily increased max rpm after the first 900 miles until now.

Of course no high rpms are used at all until the oil is at least at 80 degrees c. The engine is now broken in beautifully.

Sticking religiously to the 4200 rule for the first 2k miles is actually not a good plan regardless of the text in the manual. You want to bed your rings and bores throughout the rev range to prevent “stepping” and power loss.

Both too much thrashing and too much babying are bad during the first 1k miles. But you can start to open her up after 500 miles once the oil’s hot. IMHO

Langlord – Posted October 6, 2013
Simply stunning Stuart. I love Gt silver as a colour.

Have you sorted out the protection detail?

Stuart21UK – Posted October 6, 2013
On 10/6/2013 at 9:21 AM, Langlord said:
Simply stunning Stuart. I love Gt silver as a colour.
Have you sorted out the protection detail?

Yes, more a wash and protection than a ‘detail’ as such…

Gtechniq as SFO recommended, £300, a days work and it now looks cleaner and water just disipates off the surface like you wouldn’t believe…I can even wipe bug splats off with the wipe of a finger…

I’m actually looking foward to some rain to see it in full effect 🙂

He found a black mark along the side of the centre tunnel, made from the black of the seat belt receiver I think. He managed to get the mark off (about an inch square). It was very noticeable, all the carpet is protected now so hopefully it wont cause any further issues (and if it does then I’ll be back to OPC anyway).

Have some pics being taken today by a guy on Pistonheads so will post them as & when…


Stuart21UK – Posted October 7, 2013
Following 4 hours or so at sun down onwards…. local Pistonheads forum member (and pro photographer) took a few photos. Some of his first ones are below:

Menoporsche – Posted October 7, 2013

Stuart21UK – Posted October 7, 2013
and the rest

antjrice – Posted October 7, 2013
Ye gods!

The first and fourth are amazing! You should sell the images to Porsche!

PowerMalc – Posted October 7, 2013

They are stunning photos :thumbsup: , puts the Porsche marketing dept to shame :worried:

3rd photo down on the second set, could you not get into your garage, you should have specced Homelink garage opener :lmaosmiley:

Out of interest what camera was used? Suggest you post these pics up in the ‘Boxster Picture Thread’

I’m on holiday this week and intend to go out for a drive every day.

Weather was perfect today for waxing the car, dry but not sunny.

Will do wheels inside and out as soon as new trolley jack arrives.

YELL0W – Posted October 7, 2013
Amazing photos, the silver looks great.

Ampaul – Posted October 7, 2013
Brilliant photos, would pay to have mine done!!

Stuart21UK – Posted October 8, 2013
posted on their own in photos section, as suggested (apologies if double posting breaks any forum rules 🙂 )


Stuart21UK – Posted October 8, 2013
two milestones reached today….first one it called out its name…amazing that Porsche build a ‘fanfare’ into the PCM system when you get to this ;)

The second one shows me breaking 1000 miles in 3 weeks and 1 day!

Need to work on the fuel efficiency….maybe I should have bought PDK after all…lol

YELL0W – Posted October 8, 2013
Strong mpg figure!

I had an email from Cambridge OPC inviting me to a competition to see who could get the best fuel economy driving a fixed route in a diesel panamera. Who buys a porsche for fuel economy???

Loving the 981 S easter egg.

Stuart21UK – Posted October 9, 2013

I’ve had 26 mpg on the motorway :woot:

Skidd – Posted October 9, 2013

How come the trip shows 1,015 on the left, and 1,004 on the right?

Menoporsche – Posted October 9, 2013

Odo vs trip?

PowerMalc – Posted October 10, 2013


I see the milestone now!!

So mine should come at 981.0 I see a ‘S’ comes at 981.S :whistle1:

Now on 450 miles and 30.1 mpg and all with spirited cross country driving, it’s all down to PDK :magic:

PowerMalc – Posted October 10, 2013
On 10/9/2013 at 4:53 PM, Skidd said:
How come the trip shows 1,015 on the left, and 1,004 on the right?

1015 is the total and in this case also the trip.

1004 is since the trip computer reset