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Stuart21UK – Posted July 13, 2014

posted as a separate thread but I like to post in this one as a ‘running report’ as it were too….

Today I went for a spin and collected a few groceries enroute…literally 100 metres from home whilst thinking (ironically) about the wheels I kerbed on the Peugeot 6 months ago I did this to the 981….I feel like crying…amazing what 2 seconds lack of concentration and 20 mph can do…

no gags about the driveway, the mucky wheels or tyres…I don’t think I could handle it right now! :sad01_anim:

damage is across the whole right hand half of the wheel

any suggestions where to take it and how much it will cost…I’m in Beds so anywhere in Herts. Beds or Bucks is within distance..may call the OPC but I think they farm it out anyway…sigh :crying_anim:

NickFrog – Posted July 13, 2014
It’s soooo annoying when that happens. Really sorry Stuart. Quite an impact too you may want to get the geo checked. How did it happen ? One hand on the wheel ? 😉

I would try and source the most reputable wheel refurb company near you, which is the one the OPC will likely be using too. You’re looking at £75 for a quality job that will last.

Stuart21UK – Posted July 13, 2014

no both hands, and I didn’t bang it hard enough to mess up the geo…thx for your comments…

at least I have a full set of Cayman S19’s to put on in the interim…

spyderman8 – Posted July 13, 2014

The place in Woburn Sands that I can’t remember the name of.

Stuart21UK – Posted July 13, 2014

I had the 987 Turbo (diamond cut) alloys done there……twice!

…the lacquer failed and I had to fight to get them to do them the 2nd time about 4 months after the first, at no further cost (the owner said she would only do them again and charge me half price for the pleasure initially)

wouldn’t take them there unless no other option

spyderman8 – Posted July 14, 2014

Sorry – I’ve only ever had powder coated Team Dynamics Pro Race wheels done there.

PowerMalc – Posted July 23, 2014


I don’t know whether you have got your wheel repaired.

Have you tried this company. http://www.mintalloys.com/appointments.html

I was going to take my Superb there but have not done so yet so no personal experience

ChrisPa – Posted July 23, 2014


My OPC sent my alloys on the 987 to Lepsons for a refurb. Their web site says they are in Gillingham Kent, but I think they have several sites as I think my wheels went to Swindon. They did a good job on my front alloys although at 5 years old -3 years after the refurb they needed doing again. From memory on Pistonheads – Lepsons have a good reputation.

Also I thought one of the site sponsors (Roger ?) was a wheel man although probably too far away from you

mike597 – Posted July 23, 2014

Ooh someone dig up the wheel restorer thread… That was a peach.

Boxob – Posted July 23, 2014

Lepsons are used by my local OPC.

Stuart21UK – Posted July 23, 2014
On 7/23/2014 at 7:55 PM, mike597 said:
Ooh someone dig up the wheel restorer thread… That was a peach.

that was a classic example of over self confidence and ignorance to the way you portray yourself to your customer base!

On 7/23/2014 at 8:54 PM, Boxob said:
Lepsons are used by my local OPC.

I called Chris at Exel Wheels again today and he is supposed to be coming tomorrow to swap my summers for the winters and take away one front wheel for refurb….I think he takes his to Lepsons (from what I gathered on other forums so could be wrong).

…apparently the silver on the 981 Carrera wheels is ‘hyper silver’, a premium paint by all accounts and £200 inc vat for one wheel to be done :crying_anim:

Stuart21UK – Posted July 24, 2014

Chris @ Exel picked the errant wheel up today, after swapping the set of 4 over to my Cayman winter wheels….


spot the difference

hope to be happy but poorer mid next week

Stuart21UK – Posted August 10, 2014

got the damaged wheel back last Saturday (2nd Aug) so now the Carrera S’s are back on the car…

also the Father-in-law made me an aluminium mount to attach the GoPro to the Porsche tow eye…hope to give it a test shortly…

Ringer250 – Posted August 10, 2014

Good to see it’s sorted – assume you are happy with the result.

Like the idea of the go-pro tow bar mount!

EXY – Posted August 10, 2014

Our Box is still looking spiffing :thumbsup_still:

I half expected to see a big gold Rolex on that wrist :whistle1:

I wish my monkeys were still that age.

What was the damage for the wheel refurb in the end (apologies if it’s up there somewhere and I have missed it)?

Stuart21UK – Posted August 10, 2014

•  ref Rolex….right handed but wear the Breitling on the right hand against common opinion
•  …the girls? one of them was older than she looked, she is ‘wearing ok’ (don’t tell the wife I said that 😉 )
•  the wheel refurb cost £200 but not yet actually paid him as he hasn’t invoiced me!
the bugger was I noticed a mark on the rear passenger wheel after he left too..grrr (will all be sorted for when you pay me those pennies to buy her in due course though, no worries)

Stuart21UK – Posted August 25, 2014

By way of the thread being a bit of a diary, I passed the 10,000 mile mark in mid August. The pic below shows as much and also the mpg after a brief run to get curry for the clan after return from sunny Cornwall and being apart form the 981 for 9 days…I only just about got the PSE warmed up…another run somewhere is called for tomorrow too…

Stuart21UK – Posted September 5, 2014 (edited)

I completed a bit of analysis of using Normal unleaded and Super Plus (not sure what I have proved except there is a marginal gain in cost per mile for Super, but only marginal)

posted in a separate thread for any comments also…(please post in that thread rather than this one as I like to keep this one as a bit of a diary :thumbsup_still: )


also here


So this page shows the comparison when I used normal Unleaded petrol and Super Plus Unleaded, the aim being to see if the extra cost of the higher octane unleaded fuel really did give any better fuel economy…

There were two occasions when I was unable to fill up with Super Plus Unleaded, of course I had to have fuel so I filled up with Normal octane fuel instead. This of course may have skewed the mpg figures marginally but more of a concern was the price average it would have reduced.

The two images above show slightly different data.

As a result the image on the bottom is the mildly amended sheet which shows the expected cost of Super Plus Unleaded so that the table for this showed a corrected cost (i.e. had I paid for the cost of the Super instead of the Normal).

Here you will find links to download the pdf and excel sheets

Standard mpg sheet pdf

Amended mpg sheet pdf

excel sheet showing both versions

Guvs – Posted September 8, 2014

10 k, well you can definitely say two things now, one is that it is run in now, and two it’s definitely no garage queen.

Well done for keeping us up to date on this thread.


Stuart21UK – Posted September 18, 2014

posted as a separate thread


due to go into OPC about roof scuffs developing tomorrow

passenger side

drivers side

spyderman8 – Posted September 18, 2014

They all do that sir.

Dean – Posted September 18, 2014

I have that on my red roof, its never got any worse

A good clean and treatment with Fabsil seems to mask it for a while

Stuart21UK – Posted September 25, 2014

I managed this with the help of cruise control earlier….got it down to 36 mpg by the time I’d done 5 more miles off the M1 into town…

the same trip home, with the Sport button pressed and speed varying from 60 to cough 80, got 28.5mpg…

I must be getting old…

PowerMalc – Posted October 4, 2014

What is the OPC’s verdict on the roof scuffs?

Stuart21UK – Posted October 5, 2014 (edited)

Their verdict?

I’m still waiting, reported on the 19th Sep and only finally got a call back mid week, I chose to speak to the Dealer Principal (Robin) to air my dissatisfaction at the way Silverstone OPC have dealt with simply calling me back after a visit and 3 phone calls….utter shyatee….nice bloke, but I’ll wait to see what happens as a result (I’m not holding my breath).

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