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Patt – Posted June 1

now that’s true family love !

Stuart21UK – Posted June 17

just a bit of Photoshop fun (complete with Unicorn)

Stuart21UK – Posted July 5

I finally got some new McGard locking wheel bolts during the week.

I managed to get them for £45 (60 Euros from Germany normally plus delivery).

I ordered them through a third party and unknown to me the companies ordering system allowed an order to go through when they had none in stock, so in the end they ordered them elsewhere and I got them delivered directly to me by Eurocarparts…7th June was the original order!

The back story is that I’d done the winter to summer wheel swap at the beginning of the month and in doing so realised I was going to have an issue with the chocolate Porsche OEM locking bolt key again…this is the second key I have had in less than 7 years of ownership and I only just managed to use it to do the wheel change….it was working but getting jammed on the bolts and worried me that badly that I chose not to torque the bolts after fitting the wheels….instead just torquing the standard bolts and waiting for the McGard replacements….so I had a few weeks where 5 bolts present but only 4 on each wheel was torqued…

Slightly nervous of the key failing whilst subsequently swapping over to the new bolts, I just managed it The Porsche key literally jamming itself onto the bolts when I removed each one (and is still jammed on the last of the four bolts)….a pry with a screwdriver releasing it each time (it was very touch and go though!)

Anyway the McGard bolts look much better made, I went for the black version – code 28177 SUB (Chrome also available with a different code.

Here is the Porsche OEM key stuck on the bolt

The McGards ordered

I also had a set of plastic smoked nickel bolt caps too (had them for probably 5 yrs!)

Chocolate OEM on the car (yeah I know the centre caps dont line up and need replacing, I also know the driveway needs a weed!)

McGards fitted with the caps



Ringer250 – Posted July 6

End result looks good Stuart.👍

Stuart21UK – Posted July 12

long overdue clean of my steering wheel today as it has been a tad shiny for a while (car now on 49455 miles and it’s had the odd once over with some wet wipes)


I used some crappy wet wipes to start with then a very tentative wipe all over with a ‘magic sponge’ which of course are a little abrasive

I finished with a further wipe over with some wet wipes. My intention was to try to regain that slightly matt finish it had from new (all those years ago!)


XK140 – Posted July 29

Good job,love the red interior.

Some folks don’t seem to realise that a shiny leather wheel means it is well coated with dirt and grease…Matt and non sticky is what we want!!

Stuart21UK – Posted July 29

On 7/29/2020 at 6:55 PM, XK140 said:
Good job,love the red interior.

Some folks don’t seem to realise that a shiny leather wheel means it is well coated with dirt and grease…Matt and non sticky is what we want!!


Stuart21UK – Posted August 9

just went out to it, for the weekly turn over and drive, and one of the rear tyre’s is flat as I’ve ever seen one 5.5 psi and I suspect its been sitting like that since I last used it so probably safer to replace even though a repair was likely an option (small screw centre of tread)

Stuart21UK – Posted August 9

…whilst there though I recorded this to amuse myself (can now play PSE from the comfort of my PC)

PSE off and on idle

PSE on and idle

PSE on and blipped

…and I know the driveway needs weeding (not happening) and the tips need cleaning (also not happening) before anyone says :)